Commendation to open a new bureau sail a good voyage

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Taking advantage of the Lantern Festival of the Chinese Dragon Year, the elite teams and outstanding pacesetters of the two bases of BOSOM New Materials Hangzhou and Wuhu gathered in the beautiful Hangzhou to commend the advanced and encourage the future.

In the past year, around the service purpose of "all for customers", all BOSOM colleagues have worked hard, and a large number of excellent teams, professional pacesetters and outstanding stars have emerged in the four major systems of Benmatsu New Materials. Among them, there are research rookies who devote themselves to studying in the forefront of science and technology; There is no complaint fighting in the day shift night production line pacesetter vanguard; There are effective sales champions for the win-win situation of both customers and the company; There are also dedicated behind-the-scenes heroes behind the scenes.

Marketing champion

Powertrain group and kitchen appliance group

They penetrate the customer site, understand and insight the industry needs, create value for customers, seize market share for the company, exceed the sales target and gross profit target, reach new customers and new project development.

Excellent marketing team

Thermal insulation group

The team is only 2 people, with professional technology and sincere service attitude, quickly solve problems for customers, and complete sales of 10,000 tons + in 2023, with stable growth of sales and gross profit year by year.

Market Breakthrough Award

High thermal conductivity carbon alloys used in security teams

They target the industry's leading enterprises, quickly identify customer needs, and obtain major breakthroughs in the head customers of the security industry.

Maori contribution award

Their  years of deep cultivation, with professional knowledge, warm service, flexible strategy, improve customer satisfaction, and make important contributions to the company's profit.

Product commercialization champion

Thermal insulation PA6 for LED lighting

Product development application promotion team

They take the customer as the center, focus on the product, target the market application needs, optimize the solution, improve the product cost performance and market recognition, LED segment share reached about 40%.

Excellent product development team

Development of PA66 reinforced material for valve chamber cover

Development of cracking resistant PBT material

They take solving customers' pain points as the starting point, improve product performance and application stability, and develop products with "excellent performance, good sales, and industry competitiveness".

Major technological breakthrough Award

"Best synergistic High Heat resistant polyamide Composite"

They quickly identified the needs of the industry, carried out forward-looking technological innovation, solved the technical difficulties of customers, and improved the full set of Bunmatsu polyamide heat resistant system, which is industry-leading.

Technology Innovation Award

"Systematic Solution of Nitrogen material ** * Problem"

Establishment of a set of analytical methods for polyamide Materials

They think what customers think, help customers solve industry difficulties, continuously optimize product characteristics, and enhance the core competitiveness of products in the market.

Products QVE excellent team

Products QVE excellent team

In the face of many and complex products, they identify the value, rigorous demonstration, bold attempts to achieve rapid and effective product stability and cost reduction.

Industrial Lean Award

HZ Process Group, WH Industrialization Technology Department

Based on the effectiveness and suitability of the production process, they optimize the process, solve and prevent production site problems, and systematically reduce production and manufacturing costs.

Gold medal team

HZ manufacturing A2 group, WH manufacturing B class

They are rooted in the production line, safety as the bottom line, quality and delivery as the basis, taking into account cost, team morale is high.

Best business support/service partner

Purchasing Department, WH HR Administrative Service Department,

HZ Process data Intelligence Service Department

Under the premise of ensuring the annual work target, they focus on serving internal and external customers, take safety, stability and efficiency as the basic point, hold the bottom line, ensure the smooth progress of business, and win the affirmation of the main business department.

High performing manager

There are such a group of excellent leaders, they focus on the customer as the focus, aim at the goal, attach importance to team building, build a relatively reasonable organization formation, the pursuit of excellence, for the company's various modules of managers set the benchmark.

High performing supervisor

They are diligent in learning, good at thinking, can come forward at key times, is a good teacher of employees, is a good helper of managers, is a role model for supervisors.

Outstanding expert

They are outstanding in their own field of work, beyond the job requirements, high knowledge of this business and related business areas, often quickly overcome difficulties, is a professional model in the company's various modules.

Expert enlightening star

With their excellent professional ability and skills, they provide strong support for the development of business, and serve to create value for customers. We look forward to their early growth as module managers and excellent experts.

Excellent performance star first prize

They can do their jobs well, set the benchmark for every position in the company, and are excellent children of supervisors, managers or business experts.

Second prize of the Star of Excellence

Their performance is a role model for all employees, not only able to excel in their own modules, but also to help their supervisors drive business improvement in their respective areas.

Excellent private entrepreneur in Anhui Province

On the first working day of the Lunar New Year, Zhou Yongsong won the honor of excellent Private Entrepreneur in Anhui Province on behalf of BOSOM New Material. This honor is the result of the joint efforts of all BOSOM employees, and is the recognition and affirmation of Bensong New Material Wuhu Company by Anhui Provincial Party Committee and provincial government.

Look at the sea to see deep, look at the sky to see big, honor belongs to the past, commend the achievement of the future. In 2024, we look forward to having more excellent colleagues meet with us in Benmatsu and walk in the light.

Let us take the customer as the center, give play to their enthusiasm and creativity in different positions, with professional and skilled skills, the spirit of excellence, to promote the company's product excellence, quality, quasi-exchange, cost reduction, improve the new material products and solutions, improve our service level, and jointly promote the company's business process lean.

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    We raise our glasses to celebrate, we work together for business. We are moving towards the sun together: higher, faster, stronger, all the way running!