New Year's Greetings | No Lines Drawn- Just Thorough Attention to Every Detail, Every Corner, Every Edge

Release time:2023/12/31 Publisher:

Engineer Li, returning from Hangzhou, hauled two hefty boxes of sample components, each over a hundred kilograms, through the entrance of Bensong Company in Wuhu. Welcoming him was the warm smile of security guard Mr. Lyu, who rushed to adeptly arrange the stuff in its proper place. 




A construction pickup truck pulled up directly to the company's entrance. "Sorry, no parking allowed here. Please use the temporary parking lot," informed the security guard. The newcomer grumbled, "It's just a factory, why be so formal?" Smiling, Mr. Faan, the security personnel, responded, "It's company policy; we all should follow it. Your cooperation is appreciated."  

As security personnel assisted him in loading all the items onto the truck, and when the personnel was about to leave the Bosom Company gate, embarrassed and with a tinge of guilt, he expressed his gratitude: "Thank you so much; you guys are the most diligent security I've ever encountered!" 




In the early morning, security personnel Mr. Tao, who had spent the night completing four shifts of photography and patrols, and Mr. Shen, taking over the day shift, picked up their cleaning tools to start sweeping both inside and outside the company gate. They tidied up the surroundings on either side of the aisles, aiming to present the company in the best light for the arrival of employees on this new day. 



"In our work, there are no boundaries—no confines within or beyond. It's about reaching every nook, minding every corner and edge." often says Mr. Xu, one of the security team members who has been in the role for a long time. From handling waste weighing in the factory area, managing parcel dispatch and receipt, to assisting the cleaning staff in impromptu sweeps of the entrances and exits of workshop raw materials; from the corners of the company's area to the potential hazards in surveillance blind spots, our security personnel strive to be mindful of and meticulously inspect every detail. The hardworking security team, with their simple words and actions, stand firm on the frontline of their humble logistical duties.  


Kudos to the Security crew for a job well done! Your hard work is truly appreciated.