Bosom New Materials Proudly Named AACS Strategic Partner

Release time:2024/01/03 Publisher:

On December 29, 2023, Bosom New Materials was honoured with the title of "Cohesive Strategic Partner" at the 2023 AACS Supplier Conference held by Amphenol Automotive Connection Systems (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AACS"). 


Mr. Zhou Yongsong, Chairman of Bosom New Materials, was presented with the accolade by Mr. Xu Hang, General Manager of AACS, during the event.

8d43d0b4446bafc0ba7546d5971f5870.jpg From left to right: AACS General Manager Mr. Xu Hang, Bosom New Materials General Manager Mr. Zhou Yongsong, AACS Procurement Manager Mr. Zhou Jianjun. 


AACS, a leading company both nationally and globally in the industrial technology sector, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and assembly of connectors and wiring harnesses for new energy vehicles, achieved a remarkable sales figure of ¥3.4 billion in 2023, with sales performance tripling over the past three years. Mr. Xu, AACS General Manager, expressed optimism about the thriving development of the new energy vehicle industry and the corresponding growth in the automotive connector sector. He raised higher expectations for supplier friends, emphasizing the need to "reduce costs, enhance technology, maintain quality, and ensure service." Additionally, AACS looks forward to building enduring partnerships with suppliers in the new circumstances, stating, "Only by connecting hearts and closely following Amphenol can we become long-term companions," and "Prioritizing integrity, seizing new opportunities, we are sure to achieve long-term success in 2024 – forging new paths, overcoming challenges, and embracing the future." 

9bd9be7356924f99ca814517c9aca7a7.jpgAACS General Manager Mr. Xu Hang


Chairman Zhou Yongsong of Bosom New Materials expressed deep gratitude for being named one of the two "Cohesive Strategic Partners" for AACS in 2023. He thanked AACS and Mr. Xu for their recognition and affirmed Bosom's commitment to the philosophy of "combining righteousness with profit." Since March 2021, Bosom New Materials has been serving AACS, even during times of material shortages and inflated raw material costs. Bosom New Materials remained steadfast in supplying to AACS, never compromising on quality despite potential losses. In 2023, through collaborative efforts, Bosom New Materials and AACS implemented material replacement and cost reduction solutions, resulting in a nearly three million yuan reduction in costs for AACS. With AACS's support, Bosom New Materials expanded its market share in the field of new energy vehicle connectors. 


Looking ahead, Chairman Zhou emphasized Bosom New Materials' commitment to learning from outstanding domestic and international enterprises. Leveraging the advantages of proximity, quick response times, short cycles, and comprehensive services, Bosom New Materials aims to provide AACS with new materials and solutions that are not only reliable in quality but also more competitively priced, responsive, and technologically advanced. 


The strategic partnership signifies a rapid growth phase in the collaboration between AACS and Bosom New Materials. Both parties are poised to utilize their respective strengths and industry insights. Armed with precise data and mature technology, they aim to assist AACS in crafting outstanding products that are more stable, aesthetically appealing, efficient, and innovative.